Tuesday, 7 August 2012

Best Olympic Moment

The greatest moment in Olympic history was when the legendary 1960s Olympic gold medal winner and three time boxing heavyweight champion, Muhammad Ali lit a single piece of cloth attached to a long wire which slowly rose to the top of the Cauldron, igniting the amazing flame of the Olympics in the 1996 Olympic Games. This was the most memorable moment because after all the racial criticism from the press lead him to through his medal in the Ohio River. I think that Ali was brave for coming out and facing the world again.

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

3 Day Episode

The name of my 3 day episode would be MUSIC MANIA which pretty allows you to pick an instrument and learn it for the whole 3 days. Also if your in a band entering a competition you will have the time to practice. I would have this as my 3 day episode because i love my music. There would be no cost and there will be no trips:(

Thursday, 26 April 2012

Photo Essay

Reflection Paragraph

Reflection Paragraph

My first term in English has been very uninteresting. I don’t connect with my learning very well because I get bored easily. Nothing has caught my attention yet, but one thing I did enjoy was watching Whale Rider and creating the poster. I work a lot better in a team than I do individually because it allows me to appropriately connect with my peers. One thing I do enjoy about this class is the hands on activities e.g. posters, 3D static images, any hands on activities. I hope I can connect better with my learning this term and find something that interests me.

Book Review

My Book Review

Ulysses Moore: The Door to Time

The book that I choose to read was The Door to Time. It is about two young 11 year old twins named Julia and Jason. They had recently moved from London to a place called Kilmore Cove. Their family moved into an old mansion called Argo Manor which sits on a giant cliff on the edge of the sea. The previous owner of the mansion Ulysses Moore had secrets of his own that he hid in Argo Manor, extraordinary secrets waiting to be uncovered. Young Jason immediately wanted to explore the house, he believes it is haunted by Ulysses Moore himself. However Julia the city girl type thinks exploring isn’t such a good idea. She would rather go shopping or be with her friends. The mansions caretaker Nestor tells the children that the former owner was a mysterious man with a wild imagination who they soon discover made him as legendary as Argo Manor itself. While the twin’s parents go back to London they let Jason and Julia invite their new friend from school, Rick to stay over under the care of Nestor. Rick Banner has lived in Kilmore Cove all his life and has only dreamed of discovering the amazing wonders Argo Manor holds since he was small. The children soon discover Rick isn’t the only one who is interested in Argo Manor. The children over hear an argument with Nestor and a demanding lady named Oblivia Newton. Jason suggests that the kids make a map of the house, Rick agrees while Julia just tags along. As the explore the house they come across an unusual diary and dictionary that had belonged to Ulysses Moore and a secret door that is locked tightly shut and has no keys. The kids decided to go abseiling down the cliff that Argo Manor is on when suddenly Jason’s rope breaks with Julia below him he lands on her with only a few seconds before her rope breaks Jason grabs onto a hidden ledge in the cliff. He unexpectedly found a piece of paper which has an approval letter saying they have permission to pick up a package from a post office. With the help of Nestor the kids are rescued and are safe and sound. Jason curiously pulls out the note he found and shows it to Nestor, with an odd look on his face he receives the note from the kids and allows them to go to the post office only if Nestor supervises them. The kids agree and off they go. They then arrive home with a package. Then they open it to find four keys, each key with a certain animal as the handle. On the first key it has an image of a newt, second key an owl, third key an elephant and the forth key a porcupine. Julia recognises each animal. She remembers seeing them on the locked door. She informs Jason and Rick. They immediately go to the door and place each key in the slot in the door they turn them but the door doesn’t open. The kids start to become impatient. But Rick sees a pattern the beginning of each animal spells the word ‘NOPE’ so they try the keys in that order, no luck. Jason tries to rearrange the letters. He brilliantly comes up with ‘OPEN’. The door unlocks and beyond the door is a long, dark tunnel. Jason runs to the kitchen and grabs a lighter, rope and the map of Argo Manor. The kids nervously start walking down the tunnel ‘BANG’ the door shuts behind them. The kids came to a three way inter-section each one held deadly traps which the children were unaware of. The lighter had gone out there was too much wind. Julia wondered where the wind was coming from but like the others she was clueless. Middle, left or right the kids wonder. Jason decided to go with his gut and goes right. With not a glimpse of light the kids circum-navigate there way by feeling the walls and taking little steps at a time. Jason in the front feels a sudden gust of cold air beneath him. ‘It’s a trap’ he says then cautiously grabs hold of Rick and Julia. They soon figure out that they have to jump with no light just plain darkness. One after the other they victoriously made it through Ulysses Moore’s trap. The kids see a shimmering light in the distance. They soon discover a magical boat type sea-serpent. They climb aboard the boat. They see the letters ‘U.M’. They know it stands for Ulysses Moore but they don’t know why he would keep something so magnificent a secret. ‘BOOM’ rocks collide they find themselves sailing into the sea. They look back and see Argo Manor standing tall and proud. Suddenly the kids start to feel a little dizzy. The boat started to spin. In a horrific few seconds they find themselves in an unknown place. The children then start to realize there not in Kilmore Cove anymore. That is the end of my book #1 Ulysses Moore: The Door to Time. #2 Ulysses Moore: The Long Lost Map is the next book in this series. I can’t wait to read it!           

Kony Home Learning

Katherine Wilson Sheppard born 10th March 1847, died 13th July 1934 was one of New Zealand’s most honorary people. She is considered to be an important figure in New Zealand's history. Kate Sheppard fought for the women of New Zealand and was successful in doing so.

In 1893 New Zealand became the first country in the world to allow women to vote.With 32,000 signatures a 766 foot long petition was laid out across the room. It was then the largest petition ever presented to Parliament. The Electoral Act 1893 was passed by both houses of Parliament and became law on 19 September. The news took New Zealand by storm and inspired suffrage movements all over the world.

The year after women's suffrage was achieved, Kate returned to England for a short amount of time, where she then gave a number of speeches. As she returned home, she was elected president of the newly-founded National Council of Women of New Zealand which was the voice for the people. Sheppard later became involved in the production of the council's newspaper, the White Ribbon.

In 1903, Kate stepped down from her positions at the National Council of Women due to ill health.

Kate Sheppard is still being acknowledged. A memorial to her exists in Christchurch, and her image appears on New Zealand's Ten dollar note.

Creative Writing

1. A homeless child

2. at school

3. during the first week of the school year

4. A death has occurred

 Creative Writing

“Get back here!” they shout, tears falling down my eyes. Where can I go? What do I do? Who can I trust? All these questions run through my mind.

It all started today at school. It was the first week back. I was happy as can be, when suddenly, I get a heart breaking call from the hospital. A gust of pain flows through my body and expands in my gut like a ghost going through a human. My mum had just died. Anger starts building up inside me, like a bull seeing a red object. Why me? Why her? Why now?  With my dad already dead I had nowhere to go. No brothers, no sisters, no relatives just me. I have no money, no nothing. I run home, still in shock.

As the day goes by I start to realise she’s dead. ‘Knock knock knock!’ I wonder who’s at the door. As I peep around the corner I see the same people that took away my younger brother. I heavily start to breathe. “Open the door or where kicking it down” they say. I sprint to my room and grab all my gears. I jump out the window and start to run. Oh no there’ve seen me.

“Get back here” they yell. I head towards my school. ‘Ting’ the sound of the ringing fence I jumped over. With not glimpse of energy left in me, I turn around and check if there gone. Have I lost them I think to myself? I’m safe now, all alone, with no one but me.