Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Smoke Bomb

-Pot or Pan
-Wooden Spoon
-Measuring Cup
-Tea Spoon                                          
-Craft Knife
-Table Spoon
-Element or Stove
-Gas Lighter
-Tin Foil
-Toilet Roll x5

-175g Baking Soda (Found in grocery stores)
-1250g Potassium Nitrate (Found in garden stores)
-150g White Sugar
-150g Brown Sugar
-150g Raw Sugar
-150g Caster Sugar
-150g Icing Sugar

1. First I got one toilet roll and covered one end with tin foil.
2. Then I got a pot placed it on the stove and turned it on a medium-low temperature.
3. Then I got 250g of potassium nitrate, 35g of baking soda and 150g of white sugar.
4. I place the white sugar and potassium nitrate in a pot
5. I kept mixing it constantly. After 15 minutes it starts to go golden. Around 25 minutes it looks like a brown sugar colour. At 30 minutes it should be caramelized and ready.
6. I quickly added and mixed in the baking soda.
7. Then I poured the mixture into the toilet roll and let it set for an hour.
8. After an hour it felt a little sticky that’s means I've done the mixture correctly.
9. I carefully cut down one side of the toilet roll and took it off. I have the shape of a toilet roll.
10. Then I wrapped my mould in tin foil.
11. My bomb is ready to light.

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