Thursday, 26 April 2012

Creative Writing

1. A homeless child

2. at school

3. during the first week of the school year

4. A death has occurred

 Creative Writing

“Get back here!” they shout, tears falling down my eyes. Where can I go? What do I do? Who can I trust? All these questions run through my mind.

It all started today at school. It was the first week back. I was happy as can be, when suddenly, I get a heart breaking call from the hospital. A gust of pain flows through my body and expands in my gut like a ghost going through a human. My mum had just died. Anger starts building up inside me, like a bull seeing a red object. Why me? Why her? Why now?  With my dad already dead I had nowhere to go. No brothers, no sisters, no relatives just me. I have no money, no nothing. I run home, still in shock.

As the day goes by I start to realise she’s dead. ‘Knock knock knock!’ I wonder who’s at the door. As I peep around the corner I see the same people that took away my younger brother. I heavily start to breathe. “Open the door or where kicking it down” they say. I sprint to my room and grab all my gears. I jump out the window and start to run. Oh no there’ve seen me.

“Get back here” they yell. I head towards my school. ‘Ting’ the sound of the ringing fence I jumped over. With not glimpse of energy left in me, I turn around and check if there gone. Have I lost them I think to myself? I’m safe now, all alone, with no one but me.    

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